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The old Meadows web site first went live on the web on 1st January 2003. Since then there have been over 31,000 visitors to the site. Recently, however, many people have experienced difficulty in accessing the site so as a result I decided to remodel the site completely. Hopefully the new menu should work correctly although some of the links are not yet live. As with previous editions of the site, if you have any photographs or memories that you would like put on the site, if you would like to get in touch with someone who lived in the old Meadows or if you just want to find out a bit of your family history let me know and I'll put it on the site.


It's been quite a while since I've updated theoldmeadows, due to various reasons but people have still been contacting me through the Facebook page and occasionally by email. There are a few bits and bobs on the Facebook page that I am going to add here over the next few weeks along with a few more memories.

I have re-designed the website for my family history research page and now have an online shop selling old documents, letters and ephemera. I am also selling vintage jewellery on the same site as well as on ebay. The shop also has a Facebook page called "oldstuffandnonsense"

I am hoping to add my own family history to the site when it is sorted out and tidied up a little so look out for that probably in the New Year.

Talking of New Year, 1st January will be the 10th Anniversary of so I want to try to get some new memories and pictures for the site. I'd love to add yours to the site, so if you have any you are willing to share with other ex-residents please send them to me at the usual email address or through Facebook. 


i t y g
Me aged 3 months 1957
Me in the Bosworth Road school nativity play 1967
Me, Bulwell Common about 1978. Aged 21
Me, present day.

Your browser is not Java capable or Java has been disabled.

My Meadows was between the years 1957 and 1975 when a lot of the houses were run down and past their best but there must be loads of you out there, both here and abroad who remember the Meadows of earlier days. If so, let's hear about it. Some of the pictures and stories from this site are also on my family history pages which are now on this web site.

If there are any teachers out there who remember the school play of 1967 why not get in touch at the address above. I think it was Mr Miller who had a hand in the scenery or costumes. you probably remember my brother, Martin, don't you Ken?. I think Miss Bailey was involved as well. You'll have to excuse my memory but it was a long time ago, and my attention span was not so long. I think the "Kings" marched on to the stage to the sound of Ravel's Bolero. 

It's well known in the family that wherever my mother goes, she nearly always manages to meet someone she knows from the Meadows. What is the furthest or strangest place that you have bumped in to someone from the Meadows? Let me know and I'll feature it on the site. Email to the addresses above

I have just bought all four volumes of John Beeton's "Nottingham As it is spoke." (See books page.) Although these books are about the Nottingham "language" in general, the author had close connections with and lived in the old Meadows. There are many anecdotes about the old Meadows, particularly in volumes Three and Four.

Mum has just lent me a book of Meadows poems by a man called John (Gibbo) Gibbons. The book is "Poetic Reflections of My Meadows Childhood." I believe it was written and sold to provide funds for a charity, although it doesn't say so in the book. It covers John's childhood in the Meadows from 1944 to 1956 and the poems are both sentimental and humorous. The book was written in 1999 so it might still be possible to get a copy.

I have just added all the emails sent to me over the last year or so to the "requests" page. Apologies that its taken so long. I think I have put all the email addresses on the ones that are seeking information but if I havent, just send me an email and I'll pass it on.

Please visit the guestbook and sign in. Let me know about your old Meadows memories or if there's anything you want to know about the old Meadows I'll put it on the requests page and see if we can find out. Let me know if you have any comments about the site as well.


This picture was painted for my grandmother, Doll Brown, before the demolition. It shows the junction of Midland Cresent and Kingsmeadow Road. The shop with the canopy belonged to John Owen. Across the road is the green grocers. In the far distance is Rupert Street. The chip shop door is just visible.

Mum added

"The shop on the corner, with the canopy was John Owen's and before that was Reckless's. Opposite was the greengrocers, Baz and Greta Lidster. this was formerly Harry Hodder's. Across the road from that was Gingles. Further up on the same side was Wagstaff's the cobblers. This later became a hairdressers run by Brenda Nurse daughter of Mr and Mrs Berry who ran the beer off across the other side of Newcastle Road. Further up on the corner of Rupert Street was another greengrocers who's name I can't remember.

The chip shop on the other corner was called Clamps. After them it was taken over by Akers."

The poem below was written by my aunt, Joan Wilkinson and was published in the Nottingham Evening Post on 4th August 1998.  Hopefully it will invoke memories of the Old Meadows that we all remember with such fondness and are proud to have belonged to. As you can see some of the pages are still unfinished. These are your pages for your stories and pictures and hopefully as time goes on these pages will grow to be a record of your memories of the old Meadows. I hope that the site will reflect the atmosphere of the Old Meadows, with old photographs and stories from the people who made the Meadows what it was and that it will grow as more people find out about it.


Back to back housing, drab and mean.The Gun Factory, the pit and Hozene.

Smoking chimneys, sky murky and grey. Dirty children in gutters at play.

The Stute, The Magna, and the Crocus Inn. So many memories, where to begin?

Tricky Dick, the poacher, Dolly his wife. Fourpence a rabbit, this was our life.

The Smiths and the Gibsons also the Woods. The Insleys, the Harts and the Hoods.

Dogs Alley, the Swamp, wide entry, the pad. These were our playgrounds it's all that we had.

Rutland Road, The Cresent, Castleton Street. All knew the sound of our running feet.

The Sally Army, St George's, the Methodist Hall. Faith didn't matter, we joined them all.

No cars, no telly, no bathrooms too. The wireless, tin baths and an outside loo.

The Corthorns, the Conduits, the Greys and the Lanes. The Archers, the Wilsons, the Marriots and Waynes.

Where are you now, these playmates of old? Memories I have more precious than told.

Bosworth Road School where our l earning did start. George Renolds the coalman with his horse and cart.

Bill Smith the sweep and old Tom Hogg. Cold frosty mornings and a peasouper fog.

Memories of our childhood days. Laughter and tears and sunshine rays.

Green trees and grass beside the Trent. Children squashed in a home made tent.

The planners came, the Old Meadows was down. Flat empty spaces from river to town.

It was all for the best most folks say. But just one thought on this if I may.

You may flatten the buildings, rebuild and start. But you can't stop the memories deep in my heart.

Of bygone days, neighbours and friends. These will be with me until my life ends.

Mrs J Wilkinson (nee Corthorn)

My Aunt, Joan, aged about 2



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